SDG Zero: The Root of Solutions to the SDGs


The solvers of environmental and human problems are already out there, but they have not been empowered and trained. If we can skill them in innovation and entrepreneurship, they can be the solution provider to the world’s current social and ecological problems and co-create a sustainable world.


We aim to create entrepreneurs, innovators, and ecosystems that nurture them.

SDG Zero as a movement serves as a multi-stakeholder alliance that accelerates the creation of social change innovators and the incubation of solutions to achieve the United Nations SDGs.

SDG Zero: The Root of Solutions to the SDGs

Every product or service has two kinds of people behind it: An Innovator who could identify the core problem to be solved, understand the nature of the problem, and iterate through solutions to reach an acceptable one. And an Entrepreneur who converts the problem into an opportunity creates value, assembles resources, takes risks, and builds a sustainable business. These two could be a single individual or a large team. Innovators and entrepreneurs essentially create value in a situation of need and capture value through the gainful implementation of the solution. In short, they create wealth by solving intractable problems that others want to be solved but cannot.

So what does it have to do with the UN Sustainable Development Goals? The seventeen SDGs are essentially themes with entangled problems, and many have been around for a while. Some of these problems often have those who benefit from them, making them harder to solve.

– What we know –

  • The drive for designing and implementing solutions for these problems will only come from offering opportunities to make significant returns.
  • The development of innovators and entrepreneurs accelerates the creation of solutions and scaling to other regions.

If you’re an Innovator or Entrepreneur then SDGZero needs you!


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